Ready, Set, Go..?

So, here I am posting my first ever blog post (*snaps for me*) . About a month ago, Gary Kaaye, professor of a UNC class called “Branding of Me”, tasked us with two things: first, figure out your passion; second: write about it on a blog.

Well Shit.


“Glass half full,’ve always wanted to start a blog,” I told myself. But it soon dawned on me that I simply couldn’t pinpoint a passion. My mind was jumping between all of the activities that I enjoy doing: listening to music, watching Carolina sports, writing, watching movies, eating at new restaurants, exercising, cooking, fashion. In short, I was stumped. And fast becoming a bit pessimistic about my future blog. I mean, what college kid doesn’t enjoy all of the things that I listed above? And isn’t the purpose of branding myself to show–not tell–why I’m unique?!?

As the current title and cover image show, the dice landed on first. Today, the dice landed on everything. I was preparing to write about a concert that I went to this weekend, and I had my mini epiphany. I just want to write. I want to write about the different things that I enjoy, and maybe in doing that, I’ll stumble upon one passion. But for now, I’m just chronicling the life of a college girl who has ten weeks until graduation and is still figuring ‘it’ out.


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