Golden Corral vs. Career Choices

Monday night marked the last basketball home game of my college career. I’ve never been one to say, “Ahh, this is our last _____” because I prefer to ignore the fact the supposed “best four years of my life” are fast-ending, but it’s becoming much harder for me to turn a blind eye.  Monday night was when I acknowledged that the end is REALLY close. And if  I had a post-grad plan, this reality might be a tad bit easier to face.

Throughout college, we’ve been told [trained] to juggle volunteering, internships and jobs–all for the sake of eventually [hopefully] securing a career. Now, I’m at the end of the UNC road, but there’s some smog blocking that light at the end because I still have no clue what I’ll be doing. While I was driving the other day, I thought of a silly, but accurate analogy about how I’m feeling about life, and I made a mental note of it for this blog post. Here goes..

Figuring out what to do after college is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. 

Buffets have a million options of what to put on your plate (obviously) and it’s kinda overwhelming. My inner monologue when tackling buffets is usually something like, “well… I could go for the mac and cheese and fried chicken, but oh wait, all those desserts look good..maybe I should just eat a bunch of dessert. Should I just get everything?!” How does this relate to how I feel right now? Well, I’m a PR major, so naturally, my inclination is to go balls to the wall and apply to a ton of related jobs. But I never went abroad in college, so I also want to apply to teach somewhere awesome for a year. And I have friends that went out west for a couple years and did odd jobs; that seems cool too. The list goes on, and I’m feeling a bit of the, “I just want to load my plate with everything.” I probably need to resolve this inner dilemma the old-fashioned way with a pencil-written list of pros and cons. But then I’d probably wonder if  I picked the right option.

I knew there wouldn’t be a beaten path there for me come graduation, which is proving to be both thrilling and terrifying.

To be continued 


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