German Chocolate Caramel Brownies

Chocolate and caramel are two of my favorite dessert ingredients. My grandma has made these German Chocolate Caramel Brownies for my entire life and although she thinks they’re a “secret recipe,” the Internet seems to be quite in love with them too. The recipe is easy to find with a quick Google search, but since I love them so much, I wanted to post them on my own blog. I’ve made them as a birthday present for almost every friends’ birthday, and they’re consistently a hit. Here’s the recipe so you can make them!

Ooey Gooey


1 box of German Chocolate Cake Mix

1, 14-oz package of caramels, unwrapped

2/3 cup of evaporated milk

3/4 cup of butter, melted

12 oz of semisweet chocolate chips


1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees and grease a 9 by 13 in. pan.

2. Melt the caramels and 1/3 cup of evaporated milk in a small saucepan. If you have a double boiler available, use that for the melting because you’ll reduce the likelihood of burning the caramel.

3. In a mixing bowl, combine the cake mix, 1/3 cup of evaporated milk and the butter. Once combined, press half of the mixture into the pan. Bake for 6 minutes.

4. Once cooked, take the pan out of the oven and pour the chocolate chips over the brownies. Then pour the caramel over the chocolate chips.

5. Then, put the remaining batter on top of the caramel and chocolate chips. You can put the remaining batter on in flattened handfuls–it doesn’t need to completely cover the caramel and chocolate chips.

6. Bake for 15-18 minutes. Once done, allow to cool and cut or put in the fridge. They’re great both ways!

Hint: Sometimes, I double the recipe (and baking times) for thicker brownies.


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