3 Best Apps for the Fitness Lover

The spring of my junior in high school, I quit the soccer team that I had been on for four years because I needed to work a job after school. I decided that I enjoyed playing field hockey in the fall, so I stuck with that, but couldn’t commit to two seasons of sports. Realizing that I wanted to stay in shape and also enjoyed being active, I began going to the gym after school or after work. It became a routine, one that I’ve maintained throughout college. Its a passion of mine, and I love looking for new exercises to add spice to my sometimes-mundane gym time. There are some great apps out there to help with finding new workouts–want new ab exercises? Want an elliptical interval workout? There are TONS out there. There are also some great apps that help you track your fitness. I’ve come up with a list of  some of my go-to apps for all you gym rats and fitness lovers out there.

1. PopSugar Fitness AKA FitSugar AKA PopSugar Active

This app is geared toward females and generally features workouts that will “help you get in bikini shape” or that are inspired by “Victoria’s Secret Angel trainers” etc., but I love it because it includes directions on how to do workouts, and if they’re complicated, there’s always an accompanying video. There are sections for strength training, running, yoga and cardio, and all include tons of different exercises targeting different areas. You can also record your workouts and create your own routines.

PopSugar has many different sections on its websites, and FitSugar is its online fitness section. It offers more workouts and a lot of nutrition articles. One of my favorite recent features illustrated 100-calorie portions of different Easter candy, which was actually pretty eye opening.

2. Breeze

This app is simple–it just counts your steps, but it motivates you to reach your goal. Right now, my step-per-day goal is 6,500, and it challenges me to choose walking over driving. It also sends you push notifications that tell you how you’re doing throughout the day and congratulates you when you’ve made a long walk or accomplished several steps. The only downside is that it you’re say, using an elliptical at the gym, it won’t record that. I haven’t tried it with the treadmill yet, but I’m almost positive it will work for that because it counts steps using the iPhone 5 hidden activity tracker.

3. Hot5

Hot5 trainers have created great quality videos to bring you this great fitness app. There are a wide variety of different work outs that can meet pretty much any requirement that you might have. There are work outs for hotel rooms, five-minute core workouts, and short yoga flow sequences. It has anything you might want and is geared to meet the needs of all fitness levels, from beginners to gurus.


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