Taming Wild Hair

I’m a leo and I have a lion mane of hair. It’s frizzy, curly, wiry, unruly, and thick; and I generally just leave it as is because I’m not sure where to start with styling it. Not to mention it’d take a large chunk of my morning hours to do anything to it. When I was home over Easter, I got my hair cut by my trusty hairdresser and she showed me a few nifty tips that I thought I’d share for all of the other curly-haired ladies out there.

I rarely ask hairdressers to blow-dry my hair post-haircut because it takes at least an hour longer, and I always feel bad backing up their schedule. I’ve been going to the same girl for my haircuts for the last three years, and she always asks if I want it styled before leaving, but generally, it’s a “no.” Anyway, this time, she diffused my hair a bit so that it wasn’t sopping wet and then showed me two things I could do to tame the frizz in my hair and create more defined curls.

The first thing she told me to do was to loosely braid my damp hair into pigtails before I go to bed. When she demonstrated, she left some strands out in the front. She told me to use fabric hair ties when fastening the braids because they won’t leave indentations on the bottom of the hair. Then, she twirled the loose strands in a hippie-like manner and pinned them to both sides of my head. These too were left loose, so as to create a more natural wave that framed my face. I gave her advice a try, and it really worked on my hair.

The second piece of hair wisdom she shared with me was a simple twisted bun. She told me that she had learned this trick from one of her other curly-haired clients. It’s a really easy thing to do with damp hair–you simply twist all of your hair (you can leave a few strands in the front with this one, too) and then wrap it into a ballerina-type bun. If you sleep in it, and let your hair down in the morning, your hair will have a natural wave, rather than a ringlet curl.

Sample Twist Bun

These two tips have worked for me and the best thing is–they’re super foolproof. Enjoy!


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